Free instagram likes


No credentials and registration are required to purchase our services. The only thing we need is your account username or a link to a photo.

Why should I buy free instagram likes?
1. Posts with a large number of likes get into the Top publications and are fixed in the «Popular» section
2. Attract more followers
3. Will have a positive effect on your rating, increase the popularity of your brand / product / service
4. People who like to potentially become your subscribers
5. You will attract new clients

Will my account be blocked?
No, our service applies limits and algorithms when increasing subscribers and likes, which excludes the possibility of blocking.
You may have read or heard that cheating can lead to blocking your account, but this can only happen when using low-quality services that use aggressive cheating with bot profiles (profiles without photos or descriptions, empty accounts) while cheating several thousand likes or followers happens within a few minutes, which attracts the attention of social media algorithms.
When using the Like Lab platform, you put promotion in the hands of specialists who use smart strategies to increase your audience.

Is it safe to use cheating followers and likes?
Large bloggers, store brands, stars and public figures regularly resort to increasing the audience with the help of cheat. This is a great strategy initially when launching a page, as well as maintaining a consistent number of likes, views and subscribers and building up in the future.
You can see this for yourself by checking the pages of famous personalities using profile verification services.

After paying for the order, nothing happens? How much to wait?

The first likes and subscribers are credited within 5-10 minutes. If during this time you have not seen results, first of all, make sure that your profile is open (this can be checked in the privacy settings of your account). Check the spelling of your profile name when placing your order.
If you order the «Likes» service — you must provide a link to the photo, when ordering «Subscribers» — leave a link to the profile or enter its exact name.

What are Autolikes and how do they work? How fast is the transfer?
After you complete the payment, your profile will be monitored. As soon as you add a new publication, our system will detect it within 10-60 minutes and automatically start enrolling Likes, according to the package you have chosen.
For example, you ordered a package of 10 publications, 200 Likes each. This means that for the next 10 publications you will not need to go and buy Likes separately — they will be credited automatically (200 Likes for each post).


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